1. Setup – There is a setup fee for all the hardware to be hosted. We will setup the hardware as per the commitment date mentioned in the email. Customer must provide us with its desired CGminer/Pool configuration parameters.

    2. Monitoring and maintenance – We will do basic monitoring with our system to ensure the ongoing functioning of your hardware. Reboot are provided free of charge, unless abused.

    3. Operating conditions – We use exhaust fans to cool our mining center.

    4. Electricity consumption – Electricity consumption is calculated as rated power of the manufacturer + 7% . In case of a malfunction of the system, a best estimate will be used to determine electricity consumption during monitoring system downtime.

    5. Electricity Price – The price is as it is mentioned on the website. Monthly pricing assumes a 30/31 days month. Pricing may change at our company’s discretion with a 30 days notice.

    6. Payment and deposit – Customer can pay by wire transfer, check or Bitcoin. Payment is required within 7 days of invoice issuance. A 40 days refundable deposit is asked at the beginning of the agreement. The deposit won’t be refunded until all issued invoices are paid. All transfers fees must be paid by the customer. (We may request a deposit depending on power requirements)

    7. Uptime – We do not guarantee any uptime. Customer will not be charged for electricity while a downtime occurs. There is a minimum of three weekly visits to fix non urgent problem in the mining center.

    8. Winter interruptions – We do not have any winter interruptions.

    9. Termination – Customer or us, the company may terminate the agreement upon written notice. In case of termination, we shall send the miners to the customer within 7 business days. Delivery/Removal costs shall be paid by the customer.

    10. Taxes – Applicable taxes shall be added to the price of services, unless specified. Taxes to charge depends on the place where service is provided. Since our mining centers is located in Quebec, GST (5%) and QST (9.5%) will be added to prices on all Canadian and Quebec residents only.

    11. Configuration – We support overclocking of ASIC Miners.

    12. VPN Access – Currently, we do provide VPN access.


    1. Bills are generated in the first week of the previous month. The due date is 15 days from the bill generation date.

    2. We accept the payment by BTC/LTC/Wire Transfer.

    3. For BTC/LTC Payment – Currently we do not have a payment gateway for BTC/LTC payment, we calculate the BTC/LTC price as per PREEV.COM and the payment should be completed instantly after price confirmation.

    General SLAs

    1. Installation of Miners – 5 Business Day.

    2. Physical Restart of Miners – 1 Business Day.

    3. Fan Replacement/Firmware Upgrade – 4 hours if requested in business hours or a maximum of 1 Business Day.

    4. Pool Change – 2 Business Days.

    5. Soft Restart – 4 hours if requested in business hours or a maximum of 1 Business Day.


    Generally we do not have any downtime unless :-

    1) We are doing a facility upgrade

    2) There is a breakdown from the utility provider.

    3) There is a major fault in the facility.

    We do not provide any credits if we have a downtime of 24 hours in month, in case we have more than 24 hours, we provide a credit for the same in the invoice.

    Contract Period

    We host for a minimum of 6 months and require a 60 days notice period for termination of services.